For Financial Institutions

At the Brand 2020 and Bellwether Group we are strategic management and marketing consultants in the financial services industry. 

Leading the Way

In the last fifteen years we have worked with over 50 leading financial institutions in the UK and North America.

This has included Goldman Sachs, T Rowe Price, Standard Life / Aberdeen, Aegon, Aviva, Royal London, Prudential, Canada Life, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter, M&G and Fidelity as well as organisations such as ICICI, HIG, Sovereign Capital and Cairngorm.

Business Specialists

Brand positioning and repositioning, identification of and entry into new markets, corporate marketing, product design and innovation, and B2B sales.

We have worked extensively in digital and distribution strategies, and have a major interest in the role of innovative technology in the future of financial services.

We offer Merger & Acquisition support and design consolidation and exit strategies.

Margaret Davis has extensive experience as a Chief Marketing Officer and has fulfilled this role for clients while carrying out restructuring and sourcing a permanent replacement.

About Bellwether Marketing

In the last 20 years, Bellwether has worked with more than 450 IFA firms, Discretionary Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Service providers and Networks.

We have helped these businesses grow by advising them on back – office systems and efficiencies, investment processes and business funding as well as Provider relations and eventual exit strategies.

We have a long track record of advising the IFA of potential solutions to resolve the issues being faced by them and their clients, and this has led naturally to Bellwether Marketing being well position to recommend exit strategies, prepare businesses for acquisition and to find the most suitable acquirer.

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