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Extensive Industry Experience
Whole of Market
No charges to the IFA Firm

Connect, Trust, Deliver

Connections are at the heart of our industry and are critical when you are thinking of selling your business. Knowing who to speak to, who has real insight and industry knowledge, and who you can trust with your future is key.

At Bellwether Marketing we have a team with literally hundreds of years’ industry experience between them who have built up years of great connections and relationships. The IFA acquisition market can seem very confusing. We offer an extensive knowledge of the IFA market, of acquirers and have a great track record in successful deal completions. We have formal arrangements with many of the major acquirers in the UK and we believe that we have the ability to build trust, establish credibility and create a foundation for long term success.

Bellwether Marketing is whole of market.

The team is headed up by John Campbell and Margaret Davis.

No Charges

We do not charge the IFA firm any fees. We receive our payment from the acquirer.

Special opportunity

We have a special relationship with Verso Wealth Management who are currently very keen to acquire across the UK.

More details are available here:

About Verso

About Bellwether Marketing

In the last 20 years, Bellwether has worked with more than 450 IFA firms, Discretionary Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Service providers and Networks.

We have helped these businesses grow by advising them on back – office systems and efficiencies, investment processes and business funding as well as Provider relations and eventual exit strategies.

We have a long track record of advising the IFA of potential solutions to resolve the issues being faced by them and their clients, and this has led naturally to Bellwether Marketing being well position to recommend exit strategies, prepare businesses for acquisition and to find the most suitable acquirer.

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